How To Stay Entertained On The Road: For Truckers & Families

Whether you are a long-haul trucker or a family on a road trip, you know that staying entertained on the road can be difficult. Because of this, it is important that you find fun new ways to stay entertained, ensuring that you don’t get bored, as well as ensuring that you stay alert at the wheel.

As a freight trucking company (among our other services), we find it extremely important to keep our drivers alert at the wheel, as well as entertained. Because of this, your trucking company Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging Inc. has decided to compile a short list of activities that can provide to be both entertaining and safe.

The Importance Of Staying Alert Behind The Wheel

Before we get started with the fun stuff, we want to stress the importance of staying alert at the wheel. As a truck driver you are responsible for an incredibly heavy vehicle, and as a family man or woman, you have the responsibility of a moderately sized vehicle with others in it. Regardless of the vehicle that you are operating, it is important to stay alert, because you are responsible for the safety of both yourself and others.

Drowsy driving is the culprit of 100,000 vehicle crashes a year, proving the importance of being alert behind the wheel. While most people know that driving when drowsy can prove to be dangerous to themselves and others, with the numbers proving them right, over 28 percent of people have admitted that they occasionally struggle to stay awake behind the wheel.  

The dangers of drowsy driving stems from… you guessed it! Lack of sleep. When you are awake for more than 16 hours, it can become difficult to remain awake, as your body slowly slips into unintentional sleep. Once you have entered this state of drowsiness, you might as well be drunk, as your reflexes will be just about as slow as if you were.

So how do you avoid becoming drowsy? The primary way to stay alert at the wheel is to recognize the signs of drowsiness and fatigue and to stop and rest once you start to feel them. If you start to feel your neck getting loose and your eyelids getting heavy, it is time to pull over and rest before you end up doing something stupid. Alternatively, if you have had plenty of sleep and seem to just be feeling a midday slump, there are plenty of fun ways that you can entertain yourself behind the wheel.

Below, we have compiled a list of fun things to keep you entertained behind the wheel, whether you are a long-haul trucking company driver or not. Check them out!

Listening To The Radio

An age-old method of entertainment for a long drive is listening to the radio. Listening to the radio can be mentally engaging, keeping you both awake and entertained. Whether you are listening to riveting stories of distant lands on National Public Radio or listening to some of your guilty pleasure songs, you can be mentally engaged without becoming distracting you from the road.

Listening To Podcasts

Much like listening to the radio, listening to podcasts is an excellent way to stay awake. Podcasts also cover a large range of topics from sports talk and athlete interviews to murder mysteries to virtually any other specific niche topics that you are interested in. Another benefit of podcasts is that you can download them to a mobile device prior to your trip. This will come in handy for any one of the long haul trucking companies or the families traveling through rural parts of the country with poor radio service like Wyoming or Kansas.

The License Plate Game

While you might see this game as childish (because you used to play it as a child), it is still extremely effective in keeping you alert. If you are unfamiliar with this game, we will refresh your memory.

To play this game, you simply have to look for license plates that originate from different states. Create a list of the different states that you’ve seen and challenge yourself to find all 48 before you reach your destination. And yes, we know that there are 50 states, but Alaska and Hawaii have been tastefully excluded because of the improbability of seeing them.

Bring A Camera

Bringing a camera on a long trip is another great way to stay alert. All you have to do is drive while looking for excellent picture taking opportunities. When you see one, you can stop the vehicle and take some pictures. Not only will taking pictures be fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to stand up, stretch, and walk around. By doing so, you will feel re-energized and ready to tackle the rest of the trip.

Family Vacations And Freight Trucking

Something that you probably never thought that you would hear is that freight companies and family vacations may share some of the same dangers on the road. Of course, that danger is drowsy driving. With 17 percent of automotive fatalities being associated with drowsy driving, our freight trucking company Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging saw it necessary to address the issue in a fun way. So don’t hold back, try one, two, or all four of our suggestions the next time you have a long drive.

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