Why We Like Organized Lay Down Yards

Here at Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging Inc., we operate a successful freight and heavy hauling truck company, a successful rigging company, and a high-quality warehouse and logistics service. Within all of these subsets of our company, we provide specially tailored services so that we can guarantee that our customers are happy. That being said, let’s talk about one of the services that we provide within our warehousing, logistics, and distribution services.

One of the coolest services that we offer is one that requires the least amount of work for both us and our clients. Are you intrigued yet? The service that we are speaking of is our lay down yard storage space. Lay down yards are storage spaces for construction materials.

Today, since your materials would be on our property, we want to discuss lay down yard safety and organization so that we can ensure that our premises are safe.


Here at Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, our goal is to have a hazardless lay down yard. Hazards are extremely common in lay down yards, with slipping hazards, tripping hazards, struck-by hazards, and sometimes biological hazards. Below, we have briefly summarized the three major hazard types.

Slip, trip, and fall hazards are arguably the most common hazards in lay down yards, with items haphazardly strewn around the yard as a result of poor organization.

Struck-by hazards are exactly how they sound, machinery or materials physically striking someone. This can occur as a result of moving machinery or building materials falling as a result of poor organization and stacking.  

Biological hazards are usually thought of as chemicals, but the more common biohazard that plagues the lay down yard is usually that of invasive critters ranging from bugs to raccoons.

Lay Down Yard Organization

In order to avoid the above hazards, we urge people using our lay down yard services to practice proper organization in order to minimize the risk of people getting injured. Below, we have outlined ways to eliminate hazardous risk by utilizing organizational skills.

Avoiding Slip, Trip, And Fall Hazards

Of course one of the best ways to avoid slip, trip, and fall hazards are to keep your head on a swivel and watch where you walk, but organization can drastically reduce the chance of hazard without making people have to walk over-cautiously. First, it is important to throw away any scrap materials that may have found their way into the lay down yard, as they become an easy tripping hazard for passers-by. Second, don’t be afraid to use caution tape to keep people out of muddy, slippery, areas. Lastly, consider leaving walking space for people between the stacked materials.

Avoiding Struck-By Hazards

Struck-by hazards are arguably the easiest hazards to avoid, as they can be avoided completely by organization. First, park all of the machinery in a separate area than the materials with ample space between them. In doing so, they have plenty of room to be moved, while also being far enough away from passersby. Second, spend a good amount of time stacking the building materials in the first place, eliminating the chance of materials falling.

Avoiding Biological Hazards

In order to avoid biological hazards in the lay down yard, it is essential that you throw away food or anything that may draw animals towards the site, as well as closing off areas that may seem like a good home for a wandering critter.

You Have An Organized System, We Have a Location

Now that you know the basic organizational advantages of having a good lay down yard, we urge you to come check ours out here at Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging Inc. We have plenty of space on location of our warehousing and distribution services property and would gladly accept the company of some well-organized building materials.

Additionally, we specialize as a crating company as well as a nationwide trucking company that can easily get your heavy equipment moving to wherever you need it to be.  

For more information, please contact us, or request a quote today.

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